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Top Hat Tappers Testimonials

"Tapping is a great way to switch off from work, I have made many great friends at class"

"Having tapped with the Top Hat Tappers for over 10 years I have a great collection of sparkly costumes! I have learnt many fantastic routines, made some fabulous friends and perform with a smile on my face"

"I have loved tapping since I was a little girl, the classes are fun and friendly, I look forward to my Tuesday mornings every week"

"Having retired from teaching, my day job is now looking after my grandchildren, being a Top Hat Tapper keeps me young and energized!"

"I like meeting like-minded people. The class is fun, good variety of music.. I like learning something new as well as keeping fit!"

"I enjoy learning the basics clearly & being given the chance to try complex steps without fear of being embarrased!"

"I am relearning from years ago! I have remembered way more than I thought!"

"Fun, Good Exercise, Good Routines!"

"Tapping has helped improve my co-ordination & memory! Using canes and Top Hats too is lots of fun and helps with the co-ordination."

"I like having a giggle with a friendly group & a fabulous teacher"

"Enjoyable Company, Keeps My Brain Working! We go to the pub for a drink after class for a catch up, its great."

"They are fun classes without too much pressure!"

"friendly, enjoyable, improving my tap week on week!"

"I love my tap class! I like the group the routines and the music."

"I enjoy the friendly atmosphere, Comments are very constructive, but due to my age I take it easy on the more difficult steps!"

"Its great Fun, learning a new skill, de-stressing and it improves my mood! I look forward to every Tuesday night."

"Sarah has infinite patience! Always feel she really likes working with Adults - she is an excellent choreographer!"